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Like the body, the mind also needs to function to stay fit. This is why you should keep indulging in activities that will require the brain to function constantly. Solving puzzles is the number one choice for keeping brain sharp as you age. Apart from puzzles and games you could also decide to learn a new language. The complexities in the new language will force your mind to function, and thus it will remain sharp. The new vocabulary will improve your memory as well. Learning and carrying out new skills at an age when you generally would not, might help decrease the symptoms of memory loss. Also, try playing a musical instrument or take up a new hobby like painting, indulging in intricate craftwork, or something of that nature. These are a few ways to keep your brain sharp as you age.

If you want to know how to keep your mind quick as you age, you can do some reading on the topic. In fact, reading in its self is a very good way to stay bright as you age. Read more and more and this will keep your brain occupied. It will be sure to improve your memory skills and your reasoning power will also not be lost.

Other ways to keep your brain sharp as you age include volunteering, increasing your interaction with people, meeting new people and traveling to new destinations. These experiences will help you maintain your sharp and quick witted manner.

If you are a smoker and decide to give up the habit, it can go a long way in helping you to keep your mind healthy. Research has proved that people who smoke are three times more at risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease than non-smokers. Also try to cut down on alcohol and that will be another way to ensure that your mind does not dull.

To keep your brain sharp as you age, you must also mange the amount of stress in your life. The less stress, the better your brain will function. It is important to manage the stress and relax as much as you can. There are many techniques that you can you to alleviate unwanted stress. Meditation can help clear your mind and keep you relaxed. Partaking in hobbies that you enjoy will also keep your stress level down.

Another very important way to keep your brain functioning properly as you age is to protect your head at all times. When you exercise or do any kind of physical work, make sure you take the proper safety precautions. Head injuries often cause memory loss, and this loss is usually irreversible.

As long as you stay active, your mental capacity will be sure to remain stable If you begin experiencing memory loss or confusion, be sure to consult your physician.